LitecoinRain - Litecoin mining pool
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Round time: 01d01h10m58s / 467518 shares Net diffclty: 41342 Pool power: 147.14 MHs Active Workers: 81 Total workers: 26740 Solved blocks: 444

Welcome to Litecoin mining pool main page

The main purpose of this site – providing the possibility of Litecoin collective mining. Our pool uses PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) or SMPPS (Shared Mahimum PPS) payout method at your choice. If you like our pool - we will be happy if you will be able to share 1-2% of your income to keep us running. For donations you may use following LTC address


1. Pool fee is 0% for both payout algorithms
2. 1 LTC award for finding block
3. N = 5 000 000
4. Min Payment = 0.5LTC
5. For all automatic payments less than 1.5LTC pool's charge will be 0.025 LTC
6. Great hashratio reward (in average for last 5.000.000 shares before finding block):

10Mhs < Average hashrate < 20Mhs +1% reward
20Mhs < Average hashrate < 30Mhs +2% reward
30Mhs < Average hashrate < 40Mhs +3% reward
40Mhs < Average hashrate < 50Mhs +4% reward
50Mhs < Average hashrate +5% reward

To take part in the collective mining you should visit registration page, where after successful registration you will get all credentials that you need. To connect pool please use following options:

Host: stratum+tcp://
Port: 3333
Proto: scrypt

Username and Password for each worker you can find in your cabinet.

In brief you can read about Litecoin crypto currency in our FAQ. Also there you can find helpful information how to get Litecoin address, configure your equipment to work in our pool and brief instruction about account registration. Our pool provides convenient interface for tracking of your earnings. Also it is possible to configure worker inactivity warnings and set minimal payment amount.

Also there is a page where statistical information of our pool and Litecoin network is provided. Our project is up and running for not so long yet, that’s why all your criticisms, advices, bug reports and feature requests are greatly appreciated. We can’t promise that we will fulfill all requests, but we will do our best to meet your expectations.

To make communications easier there is a forum at our site. There we will also post news about our project and answer all your questions. Please note, that you should register at the forum separately. Please try to use the same logins at the main site and at the forum. Also you can always use the contact form to keep in touch with us.

Donate Us. LTC: LbqZD3HTohf2aRsrQSGDT99Jq2iKTHQmJd
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